PS4: Poster Session 4

459 Early Diagnosis of Alzheimers Disease by Joint Feature Selection and Classification on Temporally Structured Support Vector Machine
876 Longitudinal Structured Low-Rank Regression for Alzheimers Disease Progression Prediction
339 Joint Data Harmonization and Group Cardinality Constrained Classification
658 Progressive Graph-Based Transductive Learning for Multi-Modal Classification of Alzheimers Disease
463 Structured outlier detection in neuroimaging studies with minimal convex polytopes
410 Diagnosis of Alzheimers Disease Using View-Aligned Hypergraph Learning with Incomplete Multi-Modality Data
1166 New Low-Rank Model to Learn Task Interrelations for Alzheimers Disease Cognitive Assessment Prediction
168 Hyperbolic Space Sparse Coding with Its Application on Prediction of Alzheimers Disease in Mild Cognitive Impairment
576 Large-scale Collaborative Imaging Genetics Studies of Risk Genetic Factors for Alzheimers Disease Across Multiple Institutions
736 Structured Spare Low-Rank Regression Model for Brain-Wide and Genome-Wide Associations
637 Automated Segmentation of Knee MRI using Hierarchical Classifiers and Just Enough Interaction (JEI) based Learning: Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative
187 Dynamically Balanced Online Random Forests for Interactive Scribble-based Segmentation
896 Orientation-sensitive overlap measures for the validation of medical image segmentations
468 High-throughput glomeruli analysis of CT kidney images using tree priors and scalable sparse computation
473 A surface patch-based segmentation method for hippocampal subfields
1108 Corpus callosum segmentation in brain MRIs via robust target-localization and joint supervised feature extraction and prediction
600 Automatic Liver and Lesion Segmentation in CT Using Cascaded Fully Convolutional Neural Networks and 3D Conditional Random Fields
677 3D U-Net: Learning Dense Volumetric Segmentation From Sparse Annotation
934 Model-Based Segmentation of Vertebral Bodies from MR Images with 3D CNNs
969 Pancreas Segmentation using Graph based Data Fusion with Convolutional Neural Networks
386 Spatial Aggregation of Holistically-Nested Networks for Automated Pancreas Segmentation
705 Topology Aware Fully Convolutional Networks For Histology Gland Segmentation
754 HeMIS: Hetero-Modal Image Segmentation
930 Deep Learning for Multi-Task Medical Image Segmentation in Multiple Modalities
160 Iterative Multi-domain Regularized Deep Learning for Anatomical Structure Detection and Segmentation from Ultrasound Images
709 Gland Instance Segmentation by Deep Multichannel Side Supervision
615 A Multi-Resolution t-Mixture Model Approach to Robust Group-wise Alignment of Shapes
858 Quantifying Shape Deformations by Variation of Geometric Spectrum
353 Myocardial Segmentation of Contrast Echocardiograms Using Random Forests Guided by Shape Model
308 Low-Dimensional Statistics of Anatomical Variability Via Compact Representation of Image Deformations
725 A Multiscale Cardiac Model for Fast Personalisation and Exploitation
1139 Transfer Shape Priors Towards High-throughput Microscopy Image Segmentation
1021 Hierarchical Generative Modeling and Monte-Carlo EM in Riemannian Shape Space for Hypothesis Testing
802 Direct Estimation of Wall Shear Stress from Aneurysmal Morphology: A Statistical Approach
193 Multi-Task Shape Regression for General Medical Image Segmentation
813 Soft Multi-Organ Shape Models via Generalized PCA: A General Framework
412 An Artificial Agent for Anatomical Landmark Detection