Oral Session 1 MIC Clinical Applications of Imaging

258 Clinical Imaging Biomarker Discovery for Lung Cancer Survival Prediction
Jiawen Yao, Sheng Wang, Xinliang Zhu, Junzhou Huang
491 Integrative Analysis of Cellular Morphometric Context Reveals Clinically Relevant Signatures in Lower Grade Glioma
Ju Han, Yunfu Wang, Weidong Cai, Alexander Borowsky, Bahram Parwin, Hang Chang
640 Hand-held Sound-Speed Mammography Based on Ultrasound Reflector Tracking
Sergio J Sanabria, Orcun Goksel
870 Prostate Cancer: Improved Tissue Characterization by Temporal Modeling of Radio-Frequency Ultrasound Echo Data
Layan Nahlawi, Farhad Imani, Mena Gaed, Jose A. Gomez, Madeleine Moussa, Eli Gibson, Aaron Fenster, Aaron Ward, Purang Abolmaesumi, Hagit Shatkay, Parvin Mousavi