Oral Session 6 CAI Interventional Guidance

144 3D imaging and localization of peripheral blood vessels based on near infrared stereo vision, ultrasound, and real-time image analysis
Alvin Chen, Max Balter, Tim Maguire, Martin Yarmush
393 The Endoscopogram: a 3D Model Reconstructed from Endoscopic Video Frames
Qingyu Zhao, True Price, Stephen Pizer, Marc Niethammer, Ron Alterovitz, Julian Rosenman
466 Structure-Aware Rank-1 Tensor Approximation for Curvilinear Structure Tracking Using Learned Hierarchical Features
Peng Chu, Yu Pang, Erkang Cheng, Ying Zhu, Yefeng Zheng, Haibin Ling
377 3D Ultrasonic Needle Tracking with a 1.5D Transducer Array for Guidance of Fetal Interventions
Wenfeng Xia, Simeon West, Jean-Martial Mari, Sebastien Ourselin, Anna David, Adrien Desjardins
938 Bioelectric Navigation: A New Paradigm for Intravascular Device Guidance
Bernhard Fuerst, Erin Sutton, Reza Ghotbi, Noah Cowan, Nassir Navab
221 Registration-Free Simultaneous Catheter and Environment Modelling
Liang Zhao, Stamatia Giannarou, Su-Lin Lee, Guang Zhong Yang