PS1: Poster Session 1

291 Ordinal Patterns for Connectivity Networks in Brain Disease Diagnosis
942 Discovering Cortical Folding Patterns in Neonatal Cortical Surfaces Using Large-scale Dataset
829 Modeling Functional Dynamics of Cortical Gyri and Sulci
1158 A Multi-Stage Sparse Coding Framework to Explore the Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
801 Correlation-Weighted Sparse Group Representation for Brain Network Construction in MCI Classification
868 Temporal Concatenated Sparse Coding of Resting State fMRI Data Reveal Network Interaction Changes in mTBI
900 Exploring Brain Networks via Structured Sparse Representation of FMRI Data
461 Discover Mouse Gene Coexpression Landscape Using Dictionary Learning and Sparse Coding
491 Integrative Analysis of Cellular Morphometric Context Reveals Clinically Relevant Signatures in Lower Grade Glioma
380 Mapping Lifetime Brain Volumetry with Covariate-Adjusted Restricted Cubic Spline Regression from Cross-sectional Multi-site MRI
1024 Extracting the Core Structural Connectivity Network: Guaranteeing Network Connectedness Through a Graph-Theoretical Approach
252 Fiber Orientation Estimation Using Nonlocal and Local Information
1045 Feature Selection Based on Deep Canonical Correlation Analysis for Automatic Diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease
496 Identifying relationships in functional and structural connectome data using a hypergraph learning method
567 Ensemble Hierarchical High-Order Functional Connectivity Networks for MCI Classification
1055 Outcome Prediction for Patient with High-grade Gliomas from Brain Functional and Structural Networks
493 Mammographic Mass Segmentation with Online Learned Shape and Appearance Priors
418 Differential dementia diagnosis on incomplete data with Latent Trees
731 Bridging Computational Features toward Multiple Semantic Features with Multi-Task Regression: A Study of CT Pulmonary Nodules
747 Robust Cancer Treatment Outcome Prediction Dealing with Small-Sized and Imbalanced Data from FDG-PET Images
157 Structured Sparse Feature Selection and Kernel Learning for Imaging Genetics based Alzheimers disease Diagnosis
661 Semi-supervised Hierarchical Multimodal Feature and Sample Selection for Alzheimers Disease Diagnosis Blind
809 Stability-Weighted Matrix Completion of Incomplete Multi-Modal Data for Disease Diagnosis Anonyms
1023 Employing Visual Analytics to Aid the Design of White Matter Hyperintensity Classifiers
377 3D Ultrasonic Needle Tracking with a 1.5D Transducer Array for Guidance of Fetal Interventions
378 Enhancement of Needle Tip and Shaft from 2D Ultrasound Using Signal Transmission Maps
500 Plane Assist: The Influence of Haptics on Ultrasound-based Needle Guidance
609 A Surgical Guidance System for Big-Bubble Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty
683 Towards Automated Ultrasound Transesophageal Echocardiography and X-Ray Fluoroscopy Fusion using an Image-based Co-registration Method
1011 Robust, Real-time, Dense and Deformable 3D Organ Tracking in Laparoscopic Videos
466 Structure-Aware Rank-1 Tensor Approximation for Curvilinear Structure Tracking Using Learned Hierarchical Features
783 Real-Time Online Adaption for Robust Instrument Tracking and Pose Estimation
773 Integrated Dynamic Shape Tracking and RF Speckle Tracking for Cardiac Motion Analysis
393 The Endoscopogram: a 3D Model Reconstructed from Endoscopic Video Frames
376 Robust Image Descriptors for Real-Time Inter-Examination Retargeting in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
565 Kalman Filter Based Data Fusion for Needle Deflection Estimation Using Optical-EM Sensor
163 Bone Enhancement in Ultrasound Based on 3D Local Spectrum Variation for Percutaenous Scaphoid Fracture Fixation
938 Bioelectric Navigation: A New Paradigm for Intravascular Device Guidance
1170 Identifying Patients at Risk for Aortic Stenosis through Multimodal Learning
643 Multi-Input Cardiac Image Super-Resolution using Convolutional Neural Networks
681 GPNLPerf: Robust 4D non-rigid motion correction for Myocardial Perfusion analysis
676 Recognizing End-diastole and End-systole Frames via Deep Temporal Regression Network
232 Basal Slice Detection using Long-Axis Segmentation for Cardiac Analysis
1046 Spatially-Adaptive Multi-Scale Optimization for Local Parameter Estimation: Application in Cardiac Electrophysiological Models
1093 Reconstruction of Coronary Artery Centrelines from X-ray Angiography using a Mixture of Students T-distributions
929 Barycentric subspace analysis: a new symmetric group-wise paradigm for cardiac motion tracking